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Moody is now part of the Hanse Yachts shipyard. But the brand has a long history behind it, dating back to the middle of the 19th century. This longevity has enabled the yard to acquire invaluable experience in the field of shipbuilding. And in fact, the name of Moody is associated with prestigious cruising sailboats, whose robustness and elegance are known to all lovers of navigation. It all starts in Swanwick, in the south of England. In 1827 John Moody, a fisherman, founded a fishing boat repair yard and at the same time started building small dinghies. The repair activities were gradually abandoned a century later and Alexander Herbert, grandson of John, devoted himself to the manufacture of sailboats. The yard always puts the quality requirement first. The "Vindilis" was born in 1935 and illustrates the English manufacturer's attachment to elegant design and perfect execution with first-class materials. In 1965, the success continued with the Solar 40. A new material was used for its construction: GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). Equally remarkable models will follow: the Carbineer 46, equipped with the famous deck saloon, and the Swan Dancer, the last wooden yacht from the Moody factory, the Moody 44... Since 2007, construction has continued according to the same requirements. top quality within the Hanse Group in Greifswald. Moody sailboats continue to make us dream!


Sails for Moody Sailboats - main sail, genoa, jib, spinnaker, gennaker, code zero for Moody

31 MkI Quillard, Moody 31 MkI Biquille, Moody 33S, Moody 36 - Primrose, Moody 41 Aft GTE, Moody 41 Aft PTE, Moody 45 Aft GTE, Moody 45 Aft PTE, Moody 45 DS GTE, Moody 45 DS PTE, Moody 52 GTE, Moody 52 Standard, Moody 54 DS GTE, Moody 54 DS PTE

Moody 31 MkI Quillard    9.37 m
Moody 31 MkI Biquille    9.37 m
Moody 33S    10.06 m
Moody 36 - Primrose    10.97 m
Moody 41 Aft GTE    12.7 m
Moody 41 Aft PTE    12.7 m
Moody 45 Aft GTE    13.72 m
Moody 45 Aft PTE    13.72 m
Moody 45 DS GTE    13.72 m
Moody 45 DS PTE    13.72 m
Moody 52 GTE    15.86 m
Moody 52 Standard    15.86 m
Moody 54 DS GTE    17.1 m
Moody 54 DS PTE    17.1 m