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Since 1996 we offer a comprehensive sailmaker service to sailors, boatbuilders, power boaters and sailing schools. All our sails are made in-house in order to safeguard the levels of quality and service provided to our home and abroad customers. We are building quality cruising sails for all types of sailing boats, from traditional yachts to big cruising boats. All our sails are made in Europe and individually designed and constructed to the highest level of performance and durability. Each sail is designed as per customer’s specification. 

We use 3D modelling sail design software and laser cut to construct sails with the best shape and performance. We work in modern sail loft which meet the security regulations and environment standards. The sails are build by our skilled sailmaker with excellent handcraft. We carry out rigorous controls at each stage of manufacture. Our sails are with high tenacity and quality finishes. We offer among the lowest online price in the market for top-quality sails and accessories. 

Our online sailmaker produce a wide range of sails, mainsail, furling genoa, jib, gennaker, spinnaker, spinnaker sock, lazy bag, lazy jack, bimini and many others. We accept online orders and we ship worldwide. 

You can send your sails sizes using our measurement cards. The average manufacturing time is 3 weeks. For all our sails we offer two years guarantee. High quality material, modern and efficient sailloft and skilled sailmaker is our key to provide you high standard sails. Order your sails online and save money, now !


sailmaker online

A few words for those who transmitted to us the know-how... 

Dating back to 1200 years before J.C. in ancient Greece and probably coming from China, the first sailmakers manufacture and repair sails for merchant and warships. So with the rise of Hellenism, the valuable expertise of the sailmakers moved around the Mediterranean.
Closer to our days, modern ships in the early seventeenth century often had sailmaker crew on board for maintenance and repair of sails. In the 19th century the great sailmakers open in France, England, USA and Australia.
Today, the sails are computer-assisted design and manufacture. The laser digital table is used to cut the fabric to the exact shape. This advance in technology has greatly improved the accuracy of the sails and reduced space and time needed for their manufacture.
Sailcloths more and more efficient and powerful are designed by the great firms Dimension Polyant, Contender Sailcloth, Challenge Sailcloth.