Welcome to Horizon Sails support. Here you will find the answers to your most frequently asked questions, how to solve them and how to get help. Please, check out the articles to get help or just getting familiar with our site and its features.


Must I have my measurements in order to get a sail quote ?

Our data base offer rig dimensions for more than 6000 sail boats, so you can find your sail surface in order to get an instant online sail quote. But you will need to fill out our measurement form if you need a custom quote.


Do I need to measure my rig ?

Measuring your rig is the only way to be sure your sail will fit perfectly.


Do you need my measurement form before I purchase a sail ?

We do not need your sail measurements form before you place your order. You can send it later, but in this case it is possible that the sail price change according to your actual sail surface.


How to measure my sails ?

Measuring your sails is easier than it sounds. Please, take a halyard, a tape measure and follow our measurement form guidance. We'll provide technical assistance for your measurements, please contact us. You can send us your sails measures using our measurement forms. If you can, send us your boat's sail plan or designer's specifications and as many specifics about your boat and your new sail as possible. We are here to make exactly the sail you want. You can also use pictures to illustrate the points that you consider important. In order to avoid any errors, we carefully check your measurement form and your dimensions are compared to the dimensions referenced in our sailmaker's database.


Customer service ?

We try to answer to your requests for sails quotations on the same working day. Whatever the sail ordered, we always contact the customers to get the spirit of the project and carefully check all the details. Particular attention is paid to the sail cloth choice, the appropriate cloth weight and the finishes corresponding to your navigation program. The amount of the quote will be guaranteed to you even if some adjustments are necessary later in our sail loft.


Can you take the measures on my boat ?

We offer measurement service for sailboats located in the Mediterranean between Genoa and Portbou. This service cost € 110, -


What is your production time ?

We permanently hold a stock of sail cloth to guarantee short manufacturing times. The average manufacture time is about 3 weeks (2 weeks for spinnakers, gennakers and accessories), excluding delivery. It starts with the receipt of the complete order (order, measurement and deposit payment). You can always check the status of your order by sending email to our customer service.


Free shipping ?

We ship worldwide. Horizon Sails offers Free Shipping on most sails orders to the continental Europe. Generally speaking, if your order a sail, we will ship it for free in Europe. We use DPD, DHL, FedEx, UPS, depending on the order and shipping destination. Delivery to UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and all Europe is FREE. Delivery takes about 5-7 days. You can collect your sails from our office in Toulon, south of France. We also ship our sails worldwide to the address of your choice at reasonable prices. Price, conditions and restrictions vary from country to country. Please, send us an email and our team will provide you the best shipping price as soon as possible. If you are sailing, we can ship your order at the port, the harbour master's office, your hotel or other commercial or residential address.


Where are manufactured your sails ?

A new sail is often synonymous with a heavy investment. Our low price policy allows sailboat owners to renew their sails and accessories at a lower cost. This is why our sails are manufactured in our own sail loft in Central Europe and sold directly on the internet. With this optimized model, you benefit the lowest prices with the quality and guarantee similar to many famous sailmakers. For the manufacture of our sails we follow very accurate specifications for guaranteeing quality, price and fast lead time. The greatest care is taken in the realization of our sails.


Guarantees ?

We offer two year guarantee as standard for all our sails against manufacture defects, fabric, thread and all original accessories installed on the sail.


Payment & Price ?

30% deposit is requested with the order. It can be paid online by credit card or bank transfer. The balance is due prior to shipment or at the delivery. The term begins on receipt of the order, the deposit and complete dimensions provided by the buyer. Paying online by credit card, allows you to benefit from PayPal buyer guarantees, if the item that you ordered online is not delivered or does not correspond to the description, the total amount of your purchase is refunded to you.


And your after-sales service ?

From the purchase to the delivery, we support you even after the sale. All repairs are carried out by us using shuttle bag. No need to look for a sailmaker near you.


Meet our team ?

Horizon Sails is a team of sailing enthusiasts and each member brings unique skills and experience to our sail loft. We are working together to support our customers with efficiency and honesty. If you wish, you can visit us at our agency in southern France near Toulon and Hyères for any question relating the sail loft. It is also possible to collect your new sails and accessories.


What to know before buying a sail ?

Buying a new sail is not always easy. In fact, there are so many sail lofts, options, prices and technical terms. Some of the key sailing terms that you'll need are here below.

Crosscut panel design : A sail building technique in which all the panels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the sail's leech.

Radial panel design : A sail building technique with radial panels. Radial sails offer additional strength.

Loose foot : A loose-footed sail is only attached to the boom at the tack and clew. This allows a substantial degree of extra fullness to improve performance on reaches and runs.

Outhaul: The control line that pulls the mainsail clew to the end of the boom.

Cunningham : A main sail control that adjusts the position of the draft in a sail by changing the tension on the luff.

Reefs : Reefing makes the mainsail smaller. Each row of reefs is reinforced with patch and grommet at the luff for the tack horn and a grommet at the leech for the reefing outhaul.

Battens : Battens are long salts that run through part of the sail parallel with the boom. Full length battens run from leech to luff and provide better shape holding and longer sail life. Some mains have three partial and one full top batten. Semi full battens are offering possibility to adjust the sail shape more easier.

UV protection stripe : A stripe sewn to the leech and foot of a furling genoa or jib to protect the sail from UV rays while furled.

Foam luff : A foam luff pad provides better sail shape by flattening the head sail when it is furled and offer good performance in reefed conditions.

Leech line: Line which adjusts the tension along the leech in order to stop fluttering.


Telltales : Streamers attached to the sail for wind flow indication.

Draft stripe : A horizontal stripe that helps you see the draft depth of the sail.