Sails for Amel

Custom Sails for AMEL Copain, Pampero, Super Mistral Sport, Euros 39, Maramu, Super Maramu 2000, AMEL 64, AMEL 50, Amel 55, Amel Santorin, Amel Euros 41, Amel Kirk, Amel Sharki, Euros 39, Mango, Santorin Ketch




Amel shipyard is a benchmark in the design and manufacture of bluewater boats. Founded in La Rochelle in 1965 by Henri Amel, Chantiers Amel designs and produces transoceanic cruising sailboats designed to sail around the world. Mr. Amel innovates with the creation of polyester boats from the beginning of the use of this technique by the nautical industry or even electric furlers for the headsails, mainsails adapted on a very reliable furling mast. The shipyard first launched small monohulls, such as the Super Mistral Sport or the Copain, which were very successful at the time. Despite difficulties concerning his construction site, Henri Amel will be able to get out of it, before finally going blind, which will not prevent him from having a long career. Passionate sailor, he does not hesitate to sail several months a year, despite his visual impairment. Until today Les Chantiers Amel have been able to produce a series of long boats (ketches) such as the Meltem or the Mango, but also smaller series of sloops such as the Kirk or the Fango. Henri had the shipyard draftsman Jacques Carteau as an assistant in order to overcome his visual handicap. Since 2010 the company has been producing Amel 64 and Amel 55. Today Amel produces two models: the Amel 50 and the Amel 60 which have abandoned the ketch rig. Horizon Sails sailmakers offers Mainsail, Genoa, Jib, Staysail, Spinnaker, Gennaker, Code Zero, Smart Code, Lazy Bag, Bimini, Roof hood, Spinnaker sock, Storm jib, Dodgers, Furler for downwind sails or deck bag for each Amel sailboat model. You can generate an instant online quote for your new sail or accessory. Specify your Amel model and the sail options you need. The price corresponding to your selection will appear in the configurator instantly. Horizon Sails is at your service for tailor-made Amel sails, committing to offer you good prices and exclusive offers. 100% marine sails and accessories at the best value for money.


ALISIO 31 (AMEL) 30.84 ft / 9.40 m 1962
AMEL 50 54.13 ft / 16.50 m 2017
AMEL 54 56.43 ft / 17.20 m 2005
AMEL 55 56.76 ft / 17.30 m 2010
COPAIN (AMEL) 17.22 ft / 5.25 m 1968
EUROS 39 (AMEL) 38.58 ft / 11.76 m 1966
EUROS 41 (AMEL) 40.52 ft / 12.35 m 1972
FANGO (AMEL) 32.81 ft / 10.00 m 1985
KIRK 36 (AMEL) 36.25 ft / 11.05 m 1971
MANGO 52 (AMEL) 53.00 ft / 16.15 m 1980
MARAMU 46 (AMEL) 45.28 ft / 13.80 m 1978
PAMPERO (AMEL) 18.83 ft / 5.74 m 1963
SANTORIN 46 (AMEL) 45.93 ft / 14.00 m 1989
SHARKI 39 (AMEL) 39.25 ft / 11.96 m 1980
SUPER MARAMU (AMEL) 52.49 ft / 16.00 m 1989
SUPER MARAMU 2000 (AMEL) 52.49 ft / 16.00 m 1999
SUPER MISTRAL SPORT (AMEL) 23.16 ft / 7.06 m 1961

AMEL : Copain, le Pampero, le Super Mistral Sport et l'Euros 39, Maramu, Super Maramu 2000, AMEL 64, AMEL 50, Amel 55, Amel Santorin, Amel Euros 41, Amel Kirk, Amel Sharki, Euros 39, Mango, Santorin Ketch.