Standard Asymmetric Spinnaker


> 20 spinnaker sizes available
> Tri-Radial cut panels design
> Nylon Challenge Fibermax® / Contender Superkote®
> 6 stroke triple zig-zag seam construction
> UV resistant thread and seams
> Four colors to choose from: blue, white, red or tricolor
> Luff Rope
> Head and tack stainless steel eyelet
> Clew stainless steel eyelet
> Large radial reinforcements corners
> Leech line
> Foot line
> Sail bag
> Two year warranty
> Free shipping in Europe & UK

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680,00 €

Data sheet

Design & SailcutTri-Radial cut panels design
Sail ClothDimension Polyant PN®, Challenge Sailcloth Fibermax®, Contender Sailcloth Superkote®
Cloth weight1,00oz - 44g | 1.52oz - 65g | 1.75oz - 75g |
Construction & Mounting6-stroke zig-zag seams, glued panels, UV resistant thread and seam, one/two/three seams depending on the sail design and area
Range70° - 160° AWA
Sailing styleCruising, fast cruising, race cruising, club racing
Production lead timeThree weeks*
GuaranteeTwo year warranty



With its wide range of use and absence of a pole, outrigger, or vang, the standard asymmetric spinnaker is an appreciated cruising sail. Horizon Sails' standardized asymmetric spinnakers are versatile and designed to fit most sailboats. It is possible to use a spinnaker sock or a furler. Standard Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Dimension Polyant PN® ripstop Nylon, Challenge Sailcloth, Fibermax® or Contender Sailcloth, Superkote® sailcloth. Tri radial cut, Circular reinforcements, Luff line, Spinnaker bag. Horizon Sails' standard spinnakers are available in several pre-designed sizes. The available dimensions are displayed below.


T0027 m28,27,54,144
T031 m28,77,84,444
T1 37 m29,48,5544
T243 m210,19,25,444
T350 m210,89,85,744
T457 m211,510,66,165
T564 m212,311,36,565
T675 m213,112,2765
T783 m213,812,87,365
T894 m214,613,77,865
T9106 m215,514,68,275
T10118 m216,415,48,775
T11133 m217,416,49,275
T12148 m218,417,39,775
T13165 m219,418,210,375
T14183 m220,419,210,875
T15204 m221,520,211,475
T16223 m222,521,21275
T17243 m223,522,112,575
T18265 m224,5231375