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Dacron Sails or Laminated Sails

Which sails will suits your needs best ? Racing laminated sail, coastal cruising or offshore laminated sails with taffeta coating might be your best choice. Dacron Sails are made of polyester fibers, then woven into cloth panels. Sailmaker can build sails in Cross Cut or Tri-Radial Cut shape. Dacron Sails are strong, but will not hold their proper shape for many years and will become baggy. These sails have large cross cut panels that stretch quickly. Dacron sails are available in many colors, white, cream or tan are the most common. Tri-Radial Cut panels helps to distribute the forces, prolonging sail life and holding the sail shape. Laminated Sails are made by laminating layers together (Black fibers Carbon and Technora, Aramid, Vectran). Fibers are run along the stressed load lines of the sail to evenly distribute the forces. These sails do not stretch. So, dacron sail will only held its shape for few years and then began to stretch, but laminated sail will held its shape for more than 5 years. Cruising laminated sails last longer with a taffeta coating which extend the sail life and helps to protect the sail from chafe and wear. Taffeta gives the sail a white look like regular sails but we can see the fiber bands through the sail. Sometimes laminates sails can delaminate and repair can be attempted. Laminated racing sails offer the greatest weight savings, too.



West Indies Sailmakers

Horizon Sails manufacture sails and sails accessories for Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin. In order to be closer to the Caribbean customers the sailloft will place a West Indies agent. Sailboat owners and charter companies can benefit of free support for sails measurement and more personalized orders treatment. Of course the online sailmakers service for the entire Caribbean sector is available throughout the year and even in August. Welcome to the Horizon sail loft.



Dear sailors,

Horizon Sails sailmakers team wishes you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 !

May the horizon of this new year rhyme with passion and energy !

We thank you for your trust and we are happy that our sails bring you satisfaction in your sailing. We are at your disposal for your sails projects and hope to have the pleasure of serving you soon. Good luck to you all !

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Dear Friends,

Horizon Sails team wishes you a Merry Christmas ! We are happy that our work and our sails bring you satisfaction in your pleasure to sail. We hope that our efforts to provide you with quality sails and accessories, meet your expectations. We are at your disposal for any suggestions to make our services better.

Team Horizon Sails

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It is a pleasure to present you the site of our partner 1MECTO Here you will find nautical awards for regattas and competitions. All marine trophies and awards are on the website 1MECTO.RU The company specializes in the sale of sports cups, medals and trophies. The catalog presents trophy models in various categories, classic and prestige The design takes into account trends in contemporary design. This is a perfect offer for sailing clubs or sailing schools.

: :

August 2017 Regattas

03/Aug - 06/Aug Oakcliff August Grade 3 Clinegatta Oyster Bay, NY, USA
04/Aug - 06/Aug Buzzards Bay Race Week South Dartmouth, MA, USA
04/Aug - 06/Aug Buzzards Bay Regatta South Dartmouth, MA, USA
04/Aug - 06/Aug Finn US.Nationals Alameda, CA, USA
04/Aug - 06/Aug J 70 Corinthian National Championship South Dartmouth, MA, USA
05/Aug - 06/Aug Howard C. Hoxsie J/24 Regatta City Island, NY, USA
05/Aug - 08/Aug J 22 Sneek Week Sneek , The Netherlands
05/Aug - 06/Aug Lake Sunapee Open Sunapee, NH, USA
05/Aug - 11/Aug NYYC 161st Annual Cruise- New England Newport, RI, USA
05/Aug - 06/Aug SoCAL PHRF Championship Long Beach, CA, USA
05/Aug - 06/Aug Summer Keelboat Regatta Belvedere, CA, USA
07/Aug - 12/Aug 2017 Lysekil Women's Match Lysekil , Sweden
10/Aug - 13/Aug CORK International Board Regatta Kingston, ON, Canada
10/Aug - 13/Aug CORK International Optimist Regatta Kingston, Ontario, Canada
10/Aug - 13/Aug Edgartown YC 12 Metre Regatta Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, MA, USA
10/Aug - 13/Aug Extreme Sailing Series - Hamburg Hamburg , Germany
10/Aug - 13/Aug Extreme Sailing Series, Act 5 Hamburg , Germany
10/Aug - 13/Aug Laser Canadian Championships Kingston, Ontario, Canada
10/Aug - 13/Aug Verve Cup Offshore Chicago, IL, USA
11/Aug - 13/Aug 12-Metre Regatta Edgartown, MA, USA
11/Aug - 13/Aug 12-Metre Regatta Edgartown, MA, USA
11/Aug - 13/Aug IRC Welsh Championships Pwllheli , Wales
11/Aug - 13/Aug J 27 North Americans Oakville, Ontario, Canada
11/Aug - 13/Aug J/Fest New England Newport, RI, USA
11/Aug - 13/Aug Lido 14 National Class Championships Newport Beach, CA, USA
11/Aug - 13/Aug New England 2017 J/Fest Newport, RI, USA
12/Aug City Island Y.C. Women Skipper Race Bronx, NY, USA
12/Aug Flip Flop Regatta Boston, MA, USA
12/Aug - 13/Aug J/FEST New England Newport, RI, USA
12/Aug Oakcliff August 12 Grade 5 Oyster Bay, NY, USA
13/Aug - 17/Aug 29er North American Championship Kingston, Ontario, Canada
13/Aug - 17/Aug CORK International Regatta Kingston, Ontario, Canada
14/Aug City Island Yacht Club Annual Day Race Bronx, NY, USA
16/Aug - 19/Aug Chester Race Week Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada
16/Aug - 20/Aug ILYA Championship Lake Geneva, WI, USA
16/Aug - 18/Aug Nantucket Race Week IOD Celebrity Invitational Nantucket, MA, USA
17/Aug - 19/Aug J/Cup United Kingdom Torquay , UK
17/Aug - 19/Aug Melges 20 U.S. National Championship Newport, RI, USA
17/Aug - 20/Aug Rhodes 19 Nationals Marblehead, MA, USA
18/Aug - 20/Aug Aldo Alessio & Phyllis Kleinman Swiftsure Regatta San Francisco, CA, USA
18/Aug - 23/Aug CORK Olympic Classes Regatta Sail Canada Senior Championships, Ontario, Canada
18/Aug - 20/Aug Flevorace J 70 Regatta Muiden , Netherlands
18/Aug Ida Lewis Distance Race Newport, RI, USA
18/Aug - 19/Aug Nantucket Regatta Nantucket, MA, USA
19/Aug - 26/Aug AUDI Hamilton Race Week Hamilton Island , Australia
19/Aug Lawrence I. Clark Round Gardiner's Island Race Amagansett, NY, USA
19/Aug Sachem's Head Coastal Classic Guilford, Connecticut, USA
19/Aug - 20/Aug Santa Cruz J 70 Regatta Santa Cruz, CA, USA
19/Aug - 20/Aug Viper 640 Great Lakes Championships Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
20/Aug - 20/Aug 45th Annual Opera House Cup Nantucket, MA, USA
23/Aug - 27/Aug J 111 World Championship San Francisco, CA, USA
24/Aug - 31/Aug J/24 World Championship Riva del Garda , Italy
24/Aug - 27/Aug One Tonner Revival Regatta 2107 Breskens, Zeeland, the Netherlands
24/Aug - 27/Aug Verve Cup Inshore Regatta Chicago, IL, USA
25/Aug - 27/Aug Breskens Sailing Weekend Breskens , Netherlands
25/Aug - 27/Aug Clagett/Oakcliff Match Race Oyster Bay, NY, USA
25/Aug - 27/Aug Clagget / Oakcliff Match Race Oyster Bay, NY, USA
25/Aug - 28/Aug Extreme Sailing Series - Cardiff Cardiff , Wales
25/Aug - 28/Aug Extreme Sailing Series, Act 6 Cardiff , Wales
25/Aug - 27/Aug Hobie 33 North Americans Traverse City, Michigan, USA
25/Aug - 27/Aug Obelix Trophy Port de plaisance de Bénodet , France
26/Aug - 27/Aug King Harbor Race Week King Harbor, CA, USA
26/Aug - 27/Aug Sandy Hook Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA
26/Aug - 27/Aug Surfin' Safari Corpus Christi, TX, USA
30/Aug - 03/Sep Oakcliff International Grade 2, Oyster Bay, NY, USA

July 2017 Regattas

06/Jul - 09/Jul J/70 U.K. National Championshp Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
07/Jul RORC Cowes-Dinard-St Malo Race Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
07/Jul - 09/Jul The Newport Regatta Newport, RI, USA
07/Jul - 09/Jul Vineyard Cup Vineyard Haven, MA, USA
08/Jul - 09/Jul EYC Boomerang Race Annapolis, MD, USA
08/Jul - 14/Jul J 80 World Championship Southampton , UK
08/Jul - 14/Jul J 80 World Championship Hamble, Hampshire, UK
08/Jul - 09/Jul Viper 640 Canadian Championships Kingston, Ontario, Canada
09/Jul - 15/Jul Nieuwpoort Channel Race Nieuwpoort , Belgium
13/Jul - 15/Jul 94th Annual Regatta Edgartown, MA, USA
14/Jul - 16/Jul Chicago to Mackinac Race Chicago, IL, USA
14/Jul - 18/Jul driveHG.com Lake Ontario 300 Port Credit, ONT, Canada
14/Jul - 16/Jul Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge 2017 Solomons, MD, USA
14/Jul - 16/Jul Screwpile Lightouse Challenge 2017 Solmons, MD, USA
15/Jul - 16/Jul Barnegat Breezer Barnegat, NJ, USA
15/Jul - 16/Jul J/70 Pacific Coast Regatta San Francisco, CA, USA
15/Jul - 16/Jul J/70 Sportboat Regatta San Francisco, CA, USA
15/Jul - 16/Jul Leukemia Cup Ocean City Yacht Club Ocean city , NJ, USA
15/Jul - 16/Jul Lipton Cup Regatta Quincy, MA, USA
15/Jul - 15/Jul Mudhead Benefit Cup Regatta Mystic, CT, USA
19/Jul - 23/Jul Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek Phuket , Thailand
19/Jul - 22/Jul Melges 24 NorAm Championship Cascade Locks, OR, USA
20/Jul - 24/Jul Newport Cup Newport, RI, USA
20/Jul - 21/Jul 'Round-the-Buoy Races Edgartown, MA, USA
21/Jul - 23/Jul Etchells Canadian Championship Kingston, Ontario, Canada
21/Jul - 23/Jul J/Fest Great Lakes Toronto, Ontario, Canada
21/Jul - 23/Jul J/Fest Great Lakes Toronto, ONT, Canada
21/Jul - 23/Jul Olson 30 North American Championship Kingston, Ontario, Canada
21/Jul - 23/Jul Olson 30 North American Championships Kingston, Ontario, Canada
22/Jul - 24/Jul Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac Race Port Huron, MI, USA
22/Jul - 28/Jul Chautauqua Lake Thistle National Championship Mayville, NY, USA
22/Jul - 23/Jul Fiesta Cup Regatta Santa Barbara, CA, USA
22/Jul - 23/Jul JYC Invitational Beverly, MA, USA
22/Jul - 22/Jul 'Round-the-Island Race Edgartown, MA, USA
26/Jul - 29/Jul 2017 Force 5 North American Championship New London, CT, USA
26/Jul - 29/Jul Force 5 North American Championship New London, CT, USA
26/Jul - 29/Jul ILYA X Boat Championship Delavan, WI, USA
27/Jul - 30/Jul 41st Around Long Island Regatta Sea Cliff, NY, USA
27/Jul - 29/Jul Camden Classic Cup - Dolphin 24 NE Championships Camden, ME, USA
27/Jul - 29/Jul Candy Store Cup Newport, RI, USA
27/Jul - 30/Jul Helly Hansen Marblehead NOOD Regatta Marblehead, MA, USA
27/Jul - 30/Jul Oakcliff July Grade 4 Clinegatta Oyster Bay, NY, USA
27/Jul - 30/Jul Ugotta Regatta Harbor Springs, MI, USA
28/Jul - 28/Jul 2017 USODA Girls National Championship Norfolk, VA, USA
28/Jul - 30/Jul CAN AM Challenge Youngstown, NY, USA
28/Jul - 30/Jul J 88 North American Championship Youngstown, NY, USA
28/Jul - 30/Jul Viper 640 Pacific Coast Championships Cascade Locks, OR, USA
29/Jul - 05/Aug Cowes Race Week Cowes, Isle of Wight, England
31/Jul - 03/Jul 2017 USODA National Championship Norfolk, VA, USA

America's Cup Superyacht Regatta – Highlights


June 2017 Regattas

03-Jun-2017 CMRC at CYC US Match Racing Championship Qualifer Chicago USA
03-Jun-2017 Kyiv Sailing Week Kyiv UKR
04-Jun-2017 Sailing World Cup Final - Santander Santander ESP
07-Jun-2017 XXXII^ Brindisi – Corfu International Regatta Brindisi ITA
09-Jun-2017 International Dragon World Championship Cascais POR
09-Jun-2017 International Snipe Regatta Lago di Caldonazzo ITA
10-Jun-2017 Soling Dutch Open Muiden NED
10-Jun-2017 RS:One World Championships Hoi Han Resort VIE
10-Jun-2017 Laser European Master Championship FOUESNANT FRA
10-Jun-2017 GKSS Spring Cup 2017 Langedrag SWE
10-Jun-2017 2017 Women's Z80 Match Race Cup Helsinki FIN
11-Jun-2017 Giraglia Rolex Cup SAINT TROPEZ FRA
12-Jun-2017 IFCA Slalom World Championship Texel NED
13-Jun-2017 Star Western Hemisphere Championship Cleveland, Ohio USA
14-Jun-2017 US Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rpose Cu Forth Worth, Texas USA
15-Jun-2017 West German Championship Lake Edersee GER
16-Jun-2017 2017 Women's Match Racing World Championship Helsinki FIN
17-Jun-2017 Kieler Woche Kiel-Schilksee GER
17-Jun-2017 East Japan Soling Championship Lake Suwa JPN
17-Jun-2017 Hannibal Cup 2017 Trasimeno Lake - Passignano Sul Trasimeno ITA
17-Jun-2017 At Sea Summer Match Skogshem & Wijk, Lindingo SWE
20-Jun-2017 2017 Para World Sailing World Championship Kiel GER
21-Jun-2017 TP52 Superseries Regatta Porto Cervo ITA
22-Jun-2017 RS:X Youth World Championship Torbole ITA
22-Jun-2017 49er & 49erFX North American Championships Kingston CAN
22-Jun-2017 29er Canadian Championship Kingston CAN
23-Jun-2017 British Soling Nationals Rutland Waters GBR
23-Jun-2017 J/70 Eurocup Riva del Garda ITA
23-Jun-2017 O.M International Ledro M.R Ledro ITA
23-Jun-2017 Minsk Match Cup Minsk BLR
24-Jun-2017 Oakcliff June Grade 4 Oyster Bay USA
26-Jun-2017 Youth and Master Championship Santa Croce Lake ITA
28-Jun-2017 EUROSAF Match Race - Open European Championship 2017 Ledro ITA
29-Jun-2017 RC 44 Porto Cervo Cup Porto Cervo ITA
29-Jun-2017 49er & 49erFX Junior World Championship Kingston CAN
29-Jun-2017 Robbe & Berking - 12 Metre European Championship Flensburg GER
29-Jun-2017 Extreme Sailing Series - Act 3 Madeira Islands POR
30-Jun-2017 2.4mR World Championship Koninklijke Watersportvereniging Sneek NED
30-Jun-2017 ORC World Championship Porto San Rocco ITA
30-Jun-2017 Trofeo S.M. La Reina Valencia ESP


May 2017 Regattas 

03/May - 05/May The Classic Boat Rally Beaufort, SC, USA
05/May - 07/May Helly Hansen Annapolis NOOD Regatta Annapolis , MD, USA
05/May - 07/May Yachting Cup Regatta San Diego, CA, USA
06/May - 07/May American YC Spring Series Rye, NY, USA
06/May - 07/May Governor's Cup Grand Rivers, KY, USA
06/May - 07/May Great Vallejo Race Vallejo, CA, USA
06/May - 07/May Race to the Straits Regatta Seattle, WA, USA
06/May - 07/May US Match Racing Championship Qualifier (TCYC) Kemah, TX, USA
11/May - 14/May Oregon Offshore Portland, OR, USA
12/May Antigua Bermuda Race 2017 Hamilton , Bermuda
13/May RORC De Guingand Bowl Race Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
13/May - 14/May The Edlu Distance Race Larchmont, NY, USA
13/May - 14/May Vashon Island - Tri-Island Race Seattle, WA, USA
17/May - 21/May J/24 US National Championship Seattle, WA, USA
18/May - 21/May Oakcliff May Clinegatta Grade 3 Oyster Bay, NY, USA
18/May - 19/May The ALUMNI BUSINESS CUP Regatta Chiavari - Sestri Levante, Luguria, Italie
18/May - 21/May XXXI Trofeo Marco Rizzotti Venezia, VE, Italy
19/May - 21/May RORC Vice Admirals Cup Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
19/May - 23/May Scottish Islands Peaks Race Oban, Troon, Argyll, Scotland
19/May - 21/May Snipe North American Championship Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
19/May - 21/May Varna Channel Cup Varna , Bulgarie
20/May - 21/May Almere J 80 Regatta Muiderzand , The Netherlands
20/May - 21/May Elite Keel Regatta Belvedere, CA, USA
20/May - 21/May J 22 Jackrabbit Canandaigua , NY, USA
20/May - 20/May PSL/GPYC J 70 Stadium Sailing Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA
20/May - 21/May RCIYC Spring Regatta , St Brelade, Jersey
20/May - 27/May Samui Regatta Koh Samui , Thailand
20/May - 21/May Stratford Shoal Race New York, NY, USA
23/May RORC North Sea Race Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
25/May - 28/May Gran Prix Ecole de Navale Camaret-sur-Mer. , France
25/May - 28/May NRW J 70 Cup Lelystad , Germany
26/May - 27/May Block Island Race Larchmont, NY, USA
26/May - 29/May Silvers Marine Scottish Series - Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Scotland
26/May Spinnaker Cup Race Belvedere, CA, USA
27/May RORC Myth of Malham Race Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
27/May - 28/May Swiftsure International Yacht Race - Victoria, BC, Canada
29/May 25th Coastal Cup Race Monterey, CA, USA
29/May - 01/Jun GOLD CUP San Atnoni, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
30/May RORC North Sea Race Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
31/May CORA Inshore Race Santa Barbara, CA, USA

8th International Boat Show of Multihull in La Grande Motte, France

The 8th edition of the show will take place from 19 to 23 April at the port of La Grande Motte with more than 60 catamarans and trimarans exhibited sails and motor. It is important to note that France is the world's largest producer. The big players in the market are Lagoon (Groupe Bénéteau), Fountaine Pajot, Bavaria, Nautitech, Catana, Outremer, Privilege Marine.

The sailing Multihull dominates with 80% of the sales. Among the new products and world premieres on the International Multihull Show we can see the Alibi new version, the Fountaine Pajot 47, the Catana 53, the Catana 47 Easy Performance, the Outcut 29.5, the Neel 51, the O'Yachts Class 4 new version, the Open C Tri 42.

April 2017 Regattas

Here below are listed the April regatta around the world

01/Apr - 02/Apr 45th BYC Wheeler Regatta Berkeley, California, USA
01/Apr - 02/Apr J/Fest San Francisco San Francisco, CA, USA
01/Apr Mermaid Sail Shoreacres, TX, USA
01/Apr - 02/Apr VX One Design Winter Series #4 Sarasota, FL, USA
07/Apr - 09/Apr M32 Miami Winter Series 2017 Miami, FL, USA
07/Apr - 09/Apr U.S. Melges 24 National Championship Charleston, SC, USA
08/Apr - 09/Apr 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race Wellington , New Zealand
08/Apr - 09/Apr 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race Wellington , New Zealand
08/Apr - 09/Apr Interclub Dinghy National Championship Winthrop, MA, USA
08/Apr - 09/Apr Interclub Dinghy National Champioship Winthrop, MA, USA
08/Apr - 09/Apr Interclub Dinghy National Champioship Winthrop, MA, USA
10/Apr - 15/Apr Le Voiles de Saint-Barth Saint Barthélémy , Leward Islands
10/Apr - 15/Apr Les Voiles de Saint-Barth Gustavia, St Barthelemy
12/Apr San Fernando Race Hong Kong, SAR, China
13/Apr - 16/Apr The Easter Regatta Columbia, SC, USA
14/Apr - 16/Apr RORC Easter Challenge Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
14/Apr - 17/Apr SPI OUEST France La Trinite sur Mer , France
14/Apr - 17/Apr SPI OUEST FRANCE La-Trinité-sur-mer , France
15/Apr - 16/Apr Open J 80 Benelux Championship Naarden , The Netherlands
15/Apr - 16/Apr Open J/80 Benelux Championship Narden , The Netherlands
19/Apr - 25/Apr Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta English Harbour, St Pauls, Antigua
20/Apr - 23/Apr 2017 Sperry Charleston Race Week Charleston, SC, USA
20/Apr - 24/Apr Subic Bay Commodore's Cup , Philippines
21/Apr - 23/Apr Texas J 24 Circuit Stop #2 Fort Worth, TX, USA
21/Apr - 23/Apr US Match Racing Championship Qualifier at Oakcliff Oyster Bay, NY, USA
22/Apr - 26/Apr 8th City Clubs Open Regatta International 2017 Qingdao, Shandong, China
22/Apr - 23/Apr Cowtown Stampede Fort Worth, TX, USA
22/Apr - 23/Apr Puget Sound Spring Regatta Seattle, WA, USA
22/Apr - 23/Apr Thistle 8-Ball Regatta Indianapolis, IN, USA
22/Apr - 23/Apr Van Uden Reco Regatta Stellendam , Netherlands
23/Apr - 27/Apr 8th City Clubs Open Regatta International 2017 Qingdao, Shandong, China
28/Apr - 01/May Extreme Sailing Series - Qingdao Fushan Bay, Qingdao, China
28/Apr - 01/May Extreme Sailing Series, Act 2 Qingdao , China
28/Apr - 30/Apr Newport to Ensenada Race Newport Beach, CA, USA
29/Apr - 30/Apr American YC Spring Series Rye, NY, USA
29/Apr - 30/Apr Caterwaul Regatta Panama City, FL, USA
29/Apr - 30/Apr Resin Regatta Belvedere, CA, USA
29/Apr RORC Cervantes Trophy Race Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
29/Apr Round Antigua Race English Harbour, St. Paul's, Antigua
30/Apr - 05/May Antigua Sailing Week English Harbour, St. Paul's, Antigua
30/Apr - 06/May Pensacola a La Habana presented by Satori Foundation Pensacola , FL, USA

Sailing march

March 2017 Regattas

03/Mar - 04/Mar J 70 Monaco Sportsboat- Winter Series - Act V Monte Carlo , Monaco
03/Mar - 05/Mar Melges Rocks Regatta - Miami Winter Series No. 3, Miami, FL, USA
03/Mar - 05/Mar Sarasota MC Cup Sarasota, FL, USA
04-mars Blakely Rock Race Seattle, WA, USA
04/Mar - 05/Mar Spring One Design San Francisco , CA, USA
04/Mar - 05/Mar Spring One-Design Regatta San Francisco, CA, USA
05/Mar - 11/Mar BACARDI Miami Sailing Week featuring the BACARDI Cup Coconut Grove, FL, USA
05/Mar - 05/Mar PLSC RSA Regatta - 40th edition Panmure, Auckland , New Zealand
06/Mar - 12/Mar 26th Athens International Sailing Week - Athens Eurolymp Week, Athens, Kallithea, Greece
06/Mar - 07/Mar 50° YCCS Anniversary Regatta BVI   , British Virgin Islands
08/Mar - 11/Mar Extreme Sailing Series - Muscat Muscat , Oman
08/Mar - 11/Mar Extreme Sailing Series, Act 1 Muscat , Oman
08/Mar - 11/Mar Viper 640 EFG Pan-American Championships Miami, FL, USA
09/Mar - 11/Mar BACARDI Miami Sailing Week Coconut Grove, FL, USA
09/Mar - 12/Mar M32 Miami Winter Series 2017 Miami, FL, USA
10/Mar - 13/Mar Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
10/Mar - 13/Mar Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and RendezVous, British Virgin Islands
10/Mar - 16/Mar Newport to Cabo Race Newport Beach, CA, USA
11/Mar - 12/Mar Big Daddy Regatta Point Richmond, CA, USA
11/Mar - 12/Mar California Dreamin' Match Race San Francisco, CA, USA
11/Mar - 12/Mar SAILING J 70- Portugal Winter Series V Vilamoura , Portugal
11-mars Scachet Head Race Seattle, WA, USA
12/Mar - 17/Mar Flying Scot Midwinters New Orleans, LA, USA
12/Mar - 23/Apr HELLY HANSEN Warsash Spring Series Warsash , England
14/Mar - 18/Mar Miami to Havana Race Miami, FL, USA
16/Mar - 19/Mar St. Barths Bucket Regatta Gustavia, St Barths, French West Indies
17/Mar - 19/Mar Helly Hansen San Diego NOOD Regatta San Diego, CA, USA
18-mars Doublehanded Farallones Race San Francisco, CA, USA
18/Mar - 18/Mar Helly Hansen San Diego NOOD Rally Race San Diego, CA, USA
18-mars Islands Race Gig Harbor, WA, USA
19/Mar - 21/Mar 70th Anniversary Winter Championship St Petersburg, FL, USA
23/Mar - 26/Mar J 22 Midwinter Championship New Orleans, LA, USA
23/Mar - 26/Mar J 22 Midwinter Championship New Orleans, LA, USA
23/Mar - 25/Mar Midwinter Championship Miami, FL, USA
23/Mar - 23/Mar Round the Rocks Race St. Thomas , U.S. Virgin Islands
23/Mar - 26/Mar ST Augustine Race Week 2017 ST Augustine , FL, USA
24/Mar - 26/Mar 2.4mr CanAm Series Port Charlotte, FL, USA
24/Mar - 26/Mar St. Thomas International Regatta St. Thomas , UVSI
25/Mar - 26/Mar High School Icebreaker Chicago, IL, USA
25-mars Three Tree Point Race Seattle, WA, USA
27/Mar - 02/Apr BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Vendée Globe

The great British sailor Alex Thomson has finished the Vendée Globe yacht race round the world in second-place after 74 days 19 hours 35 minutes and 15 seconds at sea. Thomson, crossed the finish line of the race in Les Sables d'Olonne, France, at 07:37 on Hugo Boss 60ft racing yacht. He was 15h59 29s behind race winner Armel Le Cléac'h who finished in a time of 74 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes, a new race record.


The Alex Thomson Mast Walk !

Video of the skipper of the Hugo Boss IMOCA Open 60 race yacht  Alex Thomson walking up the mast of his yacht. he climbs up the 30-meter high mast of the moving vessel and dives into the ocean.