:: Free Support Sails Measurement ::

At Horizon Sails you get free support for your sails measurement !

Measuring your sails is easier than it sounds. Please, take a halyard, a tape measure and follow our measurement form guidance (please, download your form from this page). If you can, send us your boat's sail plan or designer's specifications and as many specifics about your boat and your new sail as possible. We are here to make exactly the sail you want. It is better to physically measure the boat and not rely totally on manufacturers specifications. Rig sizes can vary even between the same make and size sailboat. Measurements can also be altered as a result of re rigging. Good tip: Remember to tie a line to the halyard along with the tape measure in case your tape breaks, you can retrieve the halyard.



You can also send us your old sails by shuttle bag. In this case we'll take the sizes on your sail. For further information or if you have questions about which type or cut of sail is best for you, please kindly email us at info@h-sails.com  We'll do our best to give you a quick answer.
Sails measurement