Gaff Sail


> High density white Dacron® Dimension Polyant®
> Classic Tan or Classic Cream options
> 6 stroke triple zig-zag seam
> DaBond® UV resistant thread and seams
> Classic cut panels design
> Custom gaff, rope and stainless steel lacing eyelets
> Luff, rope and stainless steel lacing eyelets
> Loose foot or Rope foot with lacing eyelets
> Tack, clew, throat, peak stainless steel eyelet
> Large radial reinforcements
> Leech line
> One or two rows reefing points
> Sail bag
> Two year guarantee

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76,00 €

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Design & SailcutTraditional panels design
Sail ClothHigh tenacity Dacron®, Dimension Polyant® or Challenge Sailcloth®, reinforced UV treatment
Cloth weight10-15' 180g | 15-20' 220g | 20-25' 250g | 26-30' 280g | 31-35' 320g | 36-40' 360g | 41-45' 410g | 46-50' 450g |
Construction & Mounting6-stroke zig-zag seams, glued panels, UV resistant thread and seam, one/two/three seams depending on the sail design and area
Sailing styleCruising, fast cruising, race cruising, club racing
StylesClassic & Tradition
Production lead timeThree weeks*
GuaranteeTwo year warranty



Horizon Sails manufacture gaff sails for gaff-rig classic boat owners, enthusiasts, associations or sailing schools. Our classic sails are made with special colours line of fabrics in the tradition of the old navy. Tan and Beige sailcloth highlight the marine spirit of the old rigs without compromising the quality. The gaffsail, is a four-cornered fore and aft sail. This sail evolved from the square sail and his shape is between the lateen sail and the square sail. Our sailloft manufacture gaff sails for classic rigs boats. We own complete tools of the traditional sailmaker, custom fittings and qualified staff.

Measures: Please, fill the GAFF SAIL Measurement Form You can email your sail plan with all dimensions or send us your old sails by shuttle bag. 
Delivery: The average lead time is 3 weeks. It starts with the receipt of the complete order (order, measurement and deposit payment).
Guarantees: We offer two year guarantee as standard for all our sails against manufacture defects, fabric, thread and all original accessories installed on the sail.
All our classic sails are designed for cruisers and club racers looking for durability and performance. Each sail is designed individually as per customer’s specification. Our sails are built in a strong construction finish with high quality fabrics for durability and shape holding.