Anti-Torsion Kabel Ø13mm

> Custom-made to your length requirement
> Liros® Aramid Core Anti Torsion Rope
> Universal stainless steel rope thimbles for all majors furlers
> Superior torsional stability
> High rigidity
> Aramid core
> Light weight
> High abrasion resistance
> UV protection

Custom built anti-torsion Liros® Aramid Core cable for top down furling and furling code sails. Our anti-twist luff ropes are custom made to your length requirement. Anti-twist luff line for flying sails furlers, Gennaker, Code 0 or Asymmetric Spinnaker. Designed to resist twisting in top down furling systems.

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219,00 €

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Features and benefits: Our anti torsion ropes are custom luff lines specifically designed to be used for torque transmission without loss along the cable. Custom built anti-torsion cable for top down furling and furling code sails, built to your length requirement. Anti-torsion line has a unique torsional stability that transmits the furling gear rotation direct to the head of the sail. The rope adopts a triple fibre composite constructed to resist torsional forces from furling gear. It has a twisted aramid yarn core that provides the resistance to twisting. Our hardware sewn termination offers compatibility with all majors furlers brands.