Спрей Доджерс

Спрей Доджерс для Кокпита

> Sunbrella®/MasAcril® 340g UV-resistant acrylic fabric
> Waterproof and breathable - extra durability
> Great range of colours
> UV resistant thread and seams
> Custom-made
> Stainless steel grommets
> Reinforced wear areas
> Easy to fix
> Supplied in pairs
> 2 year warranty



99,00 €


ТканьSunbrella® / MasAcril® acrylic fiber marine canvas
Срок изготовленияТри недели*
ГарантияДва года


Спрей Доджерс

Horizon Sails Spray Dodgers are manufactured from a heavy acrylic fabric with excellent UV resistance. They are available in a large range of colours. Reinforced eyes are fitted to allow attachment to the guardrails and stanchions with lacing line. As every boat is different, each dodger is custom build for you to exactly fit your yacht. Therefore you can fill in the attached self-measurement form. They're also a way to append your sailboat name or company. Boat Cockpit Spray Dodgers (or Weathercloths) are fabric panels that attach to your lifelines and contribute greatly to the sense of cockpit security. They add to the cockpit comfort when underway or at anchor and provide some privacy.