Чехол для шкотовых лебёдок

Чехол для шкотовых лебёдок

> MasAcril® Marine-grade fabric, Acrylic fiber
> Waterproof and Breathable
> Long life, high resistance to UV rays
> Available in 24 different sizes
> Wide selection of colours
> Quick and easy fitting on/off
> Cord around winch
> Webbing around winch base
> Easy maintenance
> Sold individually or in pairs
> Two year warranty


22,00 €


Раскрой Сильная отделка
Ткань MasAcril® acrylic fiber marine canvas
Срок изготовления Неделя*
Гарантия Два года


Защитный чехол. Защищает лебёдку от солнца, пыли и грязи, делая оборудование долговечным. В комплекте идет ремень с пряжкой.

Please, measure the diameter of the winch base of your sailboat in order to choose the right size. If you cannot find the size corresponding to your winch, we will make your covers to measure. In this case, you can send us by email the diameter of the base as well as the height of your winch.

Horizon Sails Winch Cover designed to ensure your equipment will last over time. Made from MasAcril® marine canvas with mass-dyed acrylic fibers. The covers are available in 24 different sizes and wide selection of colors. A cord secures cover firmly around winch. Webbing stitched hem sits neatly around winch base. High-quality winch cover for sailboats. Excellent UV and weather protection.

Size Base ø Height Size Base ø Height
T1 12cm 10cm T13 18cm 18cm
T2 12cm 12cm T14 19cm 20,5cm
T3 13cm 13cm T15 19cm 22cm
T4 13cm 15cm T16 20cm 21cm
T5 13,5cm 15cm T17 20cm 23cm
T6 14cm 14,5cm T18 20,5cm 25cm
T7 14,5cm 16cm T19 22cm 20cm
T8 15cm 17cm T20 23cm 26cm
T9 15cm 18cm T21 23cm 27cm
T10 16cm 18cm T22 25cm 26cm
T11 16cm 19cm T23 27cm 28cm
T12 17cm 20cm T24 29cm 31,5cm